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After years of going back and forth with different bands, Fre (vocals) and Luis (rhythm guitars) decided to start a new and more mature project named DNAtion. By the end of 2014 they started to work on what is the band's first single, The Change. A song that talks about having to dare to move forward in the face of adversity.


2014-2015, Venezuela's political situation and social distress escalated. As a consequence Fre and Luis had to leave their homeland and force themselves into exile in the US. During this whole process, they decided to put together the band's first EP, Digital Display.


In 2017, DNAtion was assembled as a band. Josh Paik joined in lead guitars, David Wright as bass player and Charlie Moffet on drums. Their individual influences range from the rawest punk to a more dense sound of progressive and industrial rock. Bands like Thrice, Tool and Nine Inch Nails are major part of their influences.


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